“I am as bad as the worst, but, thank God, I am as good as the best. ”
— Walt Whitman

Josh Jones

I am an undergraduate at the University of Oklahoma pursuing a Bachelor of Journalism and majoring in Advertising with minors in Philosophy and Psychology. I'll be graduating in the Spring of 2017. My hope is to join a company or agency and help express corporate/commercial speech in a relatable and real way. 

It has always fascinated me how businesses and corporations have broken the barrier of personal and social interactions. Brands have been invited into homes and become apart of everyday life for people. Yet with so much success, there's so much we've yet to understand! As advertisers we have moved from simply selling a product/service to a potential consumer to being a part of the consumer, and that's a beautiful thing to be apart of. 

In the TV show Rick and Morty, Rick tells his grandson that, "Science is more art than science." Where most view science as a medium of finding objective truths, the well-versed in the scientific field use theory to merely explain philosophical conundrums of the mystically mysterious universe. I find that to run parallel with advertising, data tells you WHERE to look, but not HOW to connect.    

I'm excited to join those in pursuit of that goal, and hopefully, contribute to obtaining it. 

Please take a look at my social media accounts below to get a better look at what I'm all about!




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